Henry Tilney: The model man


In thinking about my disastrous relationship with the sociopath, I am creeped out by all the ways he was able to seamlessly lie and manipulate me.  As I was re-reading Northanger Abbey, I began to really notice that Henry Tiley has every opportunity to take advantage of Catherine. But he doesn’t. Because he is a model man.

First of all, Tilney believes that “excellence is pretty fairly divided between the sexes”. And that, in a time where women were not allowed to vote, and looked upon as second class citizens, is sexy.  Tilney is able to see the good qualities in women. I am sure the sociopath noticed my good qualities. I am kind, trusting, and loyal.  Yet, the sociopath took advantage of that while Tilney does not.  Yes, I stupidly believed he was working one hour late.  Yes, I stupidly believed that he was at his friends house the weekend he was in a hotel with a girl.  Yes, I stupidly believed he had a degree, and money, and he would inherit his grandmother’s house. Yes.  I believed this.  Henry Tilney could take advantage of Catherine’s youth and innocence, but he doesn’t; he has honor.

In addition, Tilney takes an interest in women.  He knows gowns and he often helps his sister pick out gowns.  This is not a traditionally masculine job, yet he does not hesitate to discuss fabric and prices.  Gosh, I couldn’t even get the sociopath to read The Great Gatsby because it is a novel I love to teach.  It is 180 pages for goodness sakes!  I wasn’t asking him to read Gone with the Wind! In fact, I couldn’t get him to take an interest in anything other than sports.  He wouldn’t even be my date to prom (as a chaperone). As Tilney says “The person, be it a gentleman or lady, who has not the pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.”  I really should have listened to Tilney’s advice right there!

In short, Tilney, is funny, kind, takes an interest in women, believes that women are equals, and likes to read.  I think I may be in love with Henry Tilney.  Does such a man exist in the modern world???

finding a man

My next adventure will be Emma.  Read it with me if you’d like and stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Henry Tilney: The model man

      1. Mine didn’t go well, either. I’m seriously hoping Mr. Right will respond to my RFQ. (Or else, I’ll eventually try another online dating format…. 😛 ) In the meantime, I’m just going to Meetups, hoping to meet someone with whom I have at least one thing in common. It’s a slow game of chess….


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