Rain on your wedding day and cat poop in your bed


This is a non-Jane Austen post, but I had to write about my adventures this weekend. I was in a wedding in LA this past weekend.  It was lovely (but it did rain). I thought California was going through a drought but you wouldn’t know it from when I was there.  It rained for four days.  At the wedding, the groom’s grandmother asked me if I was pregnant while I was holding a beer.  I was completely mortified.  The thing that was so hard about that is that I lost 20 pounds in the two months since the breakup with the sociopath.  I feel much better and I look better (I do have about 20 more pounds to go, but up until the pregnancy comment, I was really proud of myself).  A few months ago, a student asked if I was pregnant as well.  It’s pretty heartbreaking and I wish that people would have a little more tact than that, but I suppose I can forgive an 80 year old I glared at the student and was pissed off at him for the rest of the period.

Secondly, I took a red eye flight from LAX to Cleveland.  I got in at 6:00 am and was so excited to sleep in my own bed.  I got my Uber with no problem (then he went the wrong fing way on the highway) and then when I finally got home, I went up the stairs to see my bedroom door was shut.  I knew exactly who the culprit was of that affair (Pumpkin, the buttercream cat in the picture).  He must have batted the door shut.  Luckily, I have a master bathroom so he had access to the toilet for water, but he pooped and peed in my bed.  I am already sleeping without a comforter (I threw it away hastily after I found out my ex-boyfriend had sex with a girl in my bed), so I am using a sleeping bag.  So now, I have no sheets, no comforter and only a few blankets on my bed.  I feel like a pauper.  Welcome back to Cleveland, oh and there’s snow in the ground…in APRIL!!

So thirdly, in conversations with people over the wedding, someone brought up a dating website called Plenty of Fish.  I have a friend who met a guy on that website and I am intrigued, but it got really terrible reviews.  I have used online dating websites in the past, and I didn’t like how I felt that there was no chemistry and it felt, I don’t know…artificial.  I think about Jane Austen’s day where men and women would meet and social events like balls and parties.  There is something about making eye contact with a guy, being introduced to him and dancing that produces more chemistry than a picture and a carefully worded profile ever will I think.  But maybe I am wrong.  Has anyone tried online dating?  I  would love to hear your experiences with it.


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